Day 4: MSC Lirica Arabian Cruise


A very peaceful day today.  The ship anchored off a private island, Sir Bani Yas, which is part beach resort, part private wild animal safari park.  As I had no interest in either I spent a quiet day onboard.  I walked a few laps on the upper deck.  Had some coffee.  Walked a few more laps and checked out Deck 6, which I hadn’t explored yet.  This level has an outdoor promenade too but unfortunately it was closed off as they were lowering tenders for the shore excursions.  I discovered a cafe above the atrium and a bar beside it.  Keeping my eyes open for quite nooks to read my book in I found the disco on the 11th deck!  It doesn’t open for dancing until 11pm but the lounge is open all day and no one seems to realize it.  It has wonderful floor-to-ceiling windows and piped in 80’s dance music.  What could be more perfect?  So after breakfast I spent a good couple of hours there turning pages and tapping toes.

The rest of the day followed suit.  Eat, walk, read.  Walk, eat, blog.  I dressed for dinner and enjoyed my table for 9 solo again in the dining room.  Much preferable to the scrum in the buffet.  There I always end up sharing my table, and it’s elbow to elbow, jostling for position in the food line.  It’s nice to be waited on occasionally.


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